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Assorted Passenger Documents

1938 FEB 1 Form 146-G Classification of Cars, Long Island Railroad

1954 JAN Passenger-Carrying Trains Traffic Density Chart


1937 MAY "You Are Invited to Inspect the Great Altoona Works" excursion brochure

1956 JAN "Welcome Aboard the New Pennsy AeroTrain" brochure

Official Guide to the Railways (aka "Official Guide")

1953 SEP Official Guide - PRR excerpts.

1954 SEP Official Guide - PRR excerpts.

Official Register of Passenger Train Equipment (ORPTE)

1953 JAN ORPTE - PRR excerpts.

1954 JAN ORPTE - PRR excerpts.

Passenger Car Rosters

1908 JAN 1 Passenger Equipment Register

1923 AUG 1 Passenger Equipment Register No. 1

1954 OCT 1 Passenger Equipment Register