The Pennsy Modeler

In order to portray Pennsylvania Railroad and interchange partners as accurately as possible, this blog contains articles which are essentially notes to myself, but are shared should the community desire the same information.

Articles are sorted by modification date, so if an existing article receives an update it will be presented at the top of the list again.

Continental Oil Company (CONX)

RR 33046wl

Phillips Petroleum Company (PSPX)

See also, SHPX.


Stauffer Chemical Company (STLX)

RR 33019wl

Richfield Oil Corporation (ROX)


Cook Paint & Varnish Company (CPVX)

RR 33047w

Anchor Petroleum Company (ANPX)


Belcher Oil Company (EPX)


Kanotex Refining Company (KOTX)

 RR 33053awl

Shipper's Car Line Corp. (reporting marks SHPX, SERX, PCIX).

Shipper's provided tank car fleets for companies such as FMC Corporation, Phillips Petroleum, Silver Fox Lard Company, Pan-Am Oils, Mathieson Alkali Works, Bell Oil & Gas Co., Woburn Degreasing Company, King Taste Products, Wolf's Head Oil,