The Pennsy Modeler

In order to portray Pennsylvania Railroad and interchange partners as accurately as possible, this blog contains articles which are essentially notes to myself, but are shared should the community desire the same information.

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Warren Petroleum Corporation (WRNX)


Ethyl Corporation (EBAX)

California Dispatch Line (CDLX)


Southern Alkali Corporation (SACX)

Continental Oil Company (CONX)

Union tank Car

As of 1950, the following quantities of tank cars were rostered in North America, according to the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER). This list does not include milk tanks, vinegar tanks, pickle tanks or tanks specifically denoted for company service. Compiled by Jerry Britton.

RR 33046wl

Phillips Petroleum Company (PSPX)

See also, SHPX.


Walter Haffner Company (WCHX)

RR 33019wl

Richfield Oil Corporation (ROX)

VGOX 136 1000l.x27777

United Fuel Gas Company (SACX, VGOX)

RR 33047w

Anchor Petroleum Company (ANPX)