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In order to portray Pennsylvania Railroad and interchange partners as accurately as possible, this blog contains articles which are essentially notes to myself, but are shared should the community desire the same information.

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 RR 33053awl

Shipper's Car Line Corp. (reporting marks SHPX, SERX, PCIX).

Shipper's provided tank car fleets for companies such as FMC Corporation, Phillips Petroleum, Silver Fox Lard Company, Pan-Am Oils, Mathieson Alkali Works, Bell Oil & Gas Co., Woburn Degreasing Company, King Taste Products, Wolf's Head Oil, 

tangent sinclair

400px Sinclair Oil logo.svgSinclair Oil Corporation is an American petroleum corporation, founded by Harry F. Sinclair on May 1, 1916, as the Sinclair Oil and Refining Corporation by combining the assets of 11 small petroleum companies. Originally a New York corporation, Sinclair Oil reincorporated in Wyoming in 1976. The corporation's logo features the silhouette of a large green dinosaur. It is ranked on the list of US largest privately owned corporations. It owns and operates refineries, gas stations, hotels, a ski resort and a cattle ranch.

 Freight Equipment

Correct for 1950:

ACF Type 27 Riveted 10,000 Gallon Tank Car




RR 33004awl

620px Texaco logo.svgTexaco, Inc. ("The Texas Company") is an American oil subsidiary of Chevron Corporation. Its flagship product is its fuel "Texaco with Techron". It also owns the Havoline motor oil brand. Texaco was an independent company until its refining operations merged into Chevron Corporation in 2001, at which time most of its station franchises were divested to the Shell Oil Company. It began as the Texas Fuel Company, founded in 1901 in Beaumont, Texas, by Joseph S. Cullinan, Thomas J. Donoghue, Walter Benona Sharp, and Arnold Schlaet upon the discovery of oil at Spindletop.


Canadian General Transit was first listed as the Canadian Tank Car Co. in March 1932, with name changed to the Canadian General Transit Co., Ltd. in May 1932. Original reporting marks were CATX, with CGTX reporting marks introduced in July 1932 (CATX reporting mark gone by July 1933). Name changed to CGTX in January 1981, changed to GATX Rail Canada Corp. in April 2002. CGRX reporting marks introduced for refrigerator cars in April 1961, eliminated Ocrtober 1962. CGLX reporting marks introduced in April 1957. CGMX reporting marks introduced in July 1982 for former CGBX cars not being transferred to Procor, Ltd.